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Why should you listen to Crowdfunding Uncut? Because I’m asking the same questions you want to know. I know what it feels like to fail at crowdfunding. I also know what questions to ask, and what to do to raise over half a million dollars on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. As I’m also advising Crowdfunding campaigns, I need to keep up to date with what’s working and what isn’t. Questions that will get answered on this show: what crowdfunding platform is right for me? What can I do to have a successful product launch? How can I get 1000 backers for my project? What really matters? What if I have a small budget? What happens after crowdfunding? I will share with our best interviews showcasing the campaigns processes, failures, critical lessons learnt and actionable strategies showing YOU how to get your project funded. This is where project creators get funded.
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Jun 21, 2016

“Be humble, be happy.”


Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuck…

What is one thing they all have in common?

They have all been on Entrepreneur On Fire, the Best Of iTunes Award Winning podcast hosted by today’s guest, John Lee Dumas.

In addition to these Titans of business, John has interviewed over 1300 successful entrepreneurs and built a Fire Nation of loyal fans on a foundation of value and transparency.

That community kept asking John one question:

What makes great entrepreneurs so successful?

After interviewing successful entrepreneurs every day for the last few years, he noticed it all boiled down to one thing:

They know how to set and attain goals.

So at the beginning of 2015, John started creating The Freedom Journal: Accomplish Your Goal In 100 Days.

He chose to launch his book on Kickstarter even though he could (and did) self-fund the first 20,000 copies of his book. (Imagine getting your perk within 10 days of a campaign closing!)

With the help of his team, community, and former guests, he was able to raise over $450k in 33 days and helped to build two schools in developing countries with the help of Pencils of Promise.

In this episode, John will talk about the mechanics of how he did it. Pay close attention to the message behind the words. That is where the true value of this episode lies.

You will learn:

  • Why John thinks goal setting and attainment is the #1 thing that separates successful from struggling entrepreneurs.
  • Why John chose Kickstarter even though he was able to fund The Freedom Journal himself, and could have easily sold it through his existing business.
  • Why you should create a “Swipe Page” for your campaign when you are launching with affiliates.
  • How to get your campaign featured on a top ranked podcast.
  • The really cool opt-in bribe John used (and you can copy) to get 10,000 people to sign up for his pre-launch campaign email list.


Resources Mentioned:

The Freedom Journal Website

Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast

Pencils Of Promise

The Freedom Journal on Kickstarter

The Freedom Journal Kickstarter Campaign Breakdown

The Freedom Journal Affiliate Swipe

EOFire Revenue Reports


Jun 14, 2016

Imagine you are a general looking over a battlefield and you want to launch a devastating artillery attack.

In the 1800’s, this wasn’t so difficult. The enemy was lined up on one side of the battlefield and you were on the other.

You’d know where to aim.


Marketing is significantly more complicated.

Your potential customers aren’t lined up in the middle of a field ready for you to introduce yourself, show them your product, and have 100% of them buy it immediately. You have to go out into the world and find them.

They could be in their homes, in the park, on the subway, on a farm, at the climbing gym, or watching a ball game.

Turns out that finding the people that need your product or service is the single most important problem you as the entrepreneur have to solve.


Without a paying customer, by definition, you don’t have a business.

And if you are just starting your business then you probably can’t waste too many “bullets” on ineffective advertising campaigns that target the wrong people!

How do you find just the right customer and effectively position your product to that customer so that they make the decision to BUY?

You must discover your Customer Avatar.

In this episode, you will meet the author of Saas Marketing Essentials, cofounder of Harpoon App, freelancer, and kick ass stay at home dad, Ryan Battles.

Ryan was a computer science high school teacher until his wife became pregnant with twins. Day care prices being what they were, he decided to become a stay at home dad and take on freelance web development in between his children’s naps.

After a lot of wasted time cold calling and going to networking events, Ryan took some time, defined his own customer avatar and his business took off.

In this episode, Ryan will walk you through how he did it then and how he does it now.

You will learn:

  • What is a Customer Avatar?
  • Why your Avatar is so crucial for your business and crowdfunding success
  • How to go on a Sales Safari to learn more about your Customer Avatar
  • The one simple tool Ryan uses every time he is building a new product or service
  • Why you should test all of your assumptions (hint: because they are probably WRONG)


Show Notes:

Ryan’s Blog

Ryan’s post about Defining Your Customer Avatar

SaaS Marketing Essentials

Harpoon - Freelancer Finance

Ryan on twitter: @ryanbattles


Free mind

Jun 7, 2016

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a post go viral? Many “experts” will tell you that making a post go viral is impossible and it all really comes down to luck.

But Rachel Pedersen certainly thinks virality can be created if you understand your audience and take advantage of the ONE thing all viral posts have in common.

In fact, when she set out to write her famous post about her “tiny wedding ring”, she used this one tactic and the results speak for themselves.

235 words + $4 in Facebook ad spend equals...




- Huffington Post contributing writer gig

- Today Show article

- Daily Mail...

- Glamour...

- Cosmo…

...and Rachel never had a formal education in marketing. In fact, she got her start as a social media marketer while employed as a hairstylist, creating Facebook posts for fun for her studio. They brought in new clients.

One day, the wife of a multi-million dollar chicken restaurant franchisor sat in her chair and asked her if she “did social media”. She was hired by the franchise and her social media marketing career started to take off.

Soon after she took on other clients and was able to replace her income and quit her hairstyling job.

Rachel and I recently worked together on The Pavlok - Shock Clock Indiegogo campaign which raised just shy of $300,000, and her social media strategy was a major reason why.

As a Project Creator, understanding how to build your audience is the key to Crowdfunding Success.

(... sound familiar?)

Building and engaging your audience on social media is a great way to keep your pulse on your market and grow your business.

In this episode, Rachel gives you a ton of powerful tips to get started.

You’ll learn:

  • The ONE thing all posts that go viral have in common
  • The Top 2-3 social platforms you should focus on and why
  • What sorts of posts work best on Facebook versus Twitter
  • Why you should NEVER automate your social media posting (...and the one time you can)
  • How often you should be posting on social media if you want to see real results


Show Notes: - Rachel’s Free Online Facebook Community

The Tiny Wedding Ring post

The Shock Clock Indiegogo Campaign